Lawyer, let us help you

Those who believe that the work done by a lawyer cannot be replaced even with the most sophisticated and multifunctional device are right. A solicitor or a barrister faces tasks requiring creativity, non-standard thinking and brightness.


What distinguishes WPRAWO

Full integration of the law firm’s Client in the service process
Encryption of the data stored on the server with a unique cryptographic key in order to secure the professional secret


Application for the law firms

We are making a solution that is unique not only on the Polish market but also in the international scale available to you. Taking advantage of the special features and advantages of the e-service will enable your law firm to increase its effectiveness and Client service quality.


Projekt „Stworzenie platformy zarzÄ…dzania i komunikacji dla kancelarii prawnych” współfinansowany ze Ĺ›rodkĂłw Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka DziaĹ‚anie 8.1.
Umowa o dofinansowanie Nr UDA-POIG.08.01.00-14-577/10-00 z dn. 19.05.2011 Dotacje na innowacje – Inwestujemy w WaszÄ… przyszĹ‚ość.